GPSMapEdit Portablel map editing software to add new geographical landmarks and features to your app .  Whether you're a professional cartographer or simply looking to add custom routing (points of interest )to your GPS navigation device; GPSMapEdit offers all the tools and features you need to make the most of your geographical data. With its user-friendly interface and robust set of tools, GPSMapEdit is the ideal tool for anyone looking to create custom maps and enhance the accuracy of their navigation system.

Download GPSMapEdit and start exploring the world with confidence:

Here you can download maps *.mp routing for GPSMapEdit.
MP (PFM) is text based format to store vector maps OpenStreetMap.


  • Many cartographic formats are supported: *.csv,*.gpx,*.img,*.map,*.mif,*.mps,*.ov2,*,ozfx3*.plt,*.shp,*.wpt,*.kmz(kml)-export only
  • Creating POIs and speed camera alerts is also possible
  • Supports converting GPS-tracks, waypoints and routes


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